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Uninsured Plumbers in Lucan, Dublin

If you live in the Lucan area, or indeed, any area of Dublin, there is a

Welcome to Lucan, Dublinproblem we would like to draw your attention to. Throughout 2015 we have noticed a steady rise in new customers using our services for the first time informing us of their unfortunate experience of unwittingly using an uninsured plumber.

One new customer of ours informed us that she got a guy (not us) she assumed was fully qualified and insured to fit a new bathroom for her. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when the bath and shower started to leak water through her ceiling into her kitchen, it transpired he wasn’t insured. She also suspects he wasn’t actually a qualified plumber because of the bad job he done on her new bathroom. After seeing this guy’s handywork, we would definitely agree.

Needless to say, we refitted the bath and shower tray. We also sealed them properly, which stopped the leak permanently.

Most people when they hire a plumber in Lucan assume the plumber is fully insured and are suitably qualified and experienced to carry out the work they require. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There is now a real problem right across Dublin of handymen passing themselves off as fully qualified, insured plumbers, but they are neither.

River Liffey, LucanBecause these handymen are not insured or qualified and they don’t pay any taxes etc, they charge very low rates and provide sub-standard workmanship. Very often, because they are not qualified plumbers, when they come up against a difficult plumbing issue, they don’t have the knowledge a qualified plumber would have so they don’t know what to do to resolve the issue. They won’t tell you they don’t know what to do and so they will do anything to make it look like they have done the job. However, the first you will ever know about it is when you experience problems further down the line. It is then left to you to bear the cost of putting their substandard workmanship right because they will not call back to you no matter what you say or do.

To avoid using a handyman or an uninsured plumber and having a similar experience as mentioned above. You should only us a fully qualified, insured plumber in Lucan who has the experience, knowledge and professional skills to do the work you require. Ask about their insurance, their qualifications and experience. If the price they offer you sounds too cheap and too good to be true, then walk away.

When you use Dublin Plumbers Co-Op, you can be assured that we have already made all the necessary checks on all plumbers in out network. You can be safe in the knowledge that all our plumbers are fully qualified, fully insurance, have at least 5 years experience after they became fully qualified plumbers. You can also be assured that they have a wealthy of experience and knowledge and are committed to providing you with a plumbing and heating service of the highest standards possible.

We would like to invite you to read what our satisfied customer have to say about our superior service. Please read their plumbers reviews here.

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