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Lower Heating Bills With A Baxi Boiler Replacement

With the cost of heating our homes and offices increasing all the time, more and more people are looking at ways to reduce their energy costs. One of the ways you can significantly reduce your heating bills is by installing a high efficiency condensing boiler.

If your current gas boiler is seven or more years old, you really high-efficiency-condensing-boiler-aa-rating-image should consider replacing it with a high efficiency condensing boiler because over the past ten years, gas boiler technology has greatly changed and improved. Older boilers will burn more gas and product less heat making them inefficient and expensive to run.

Replacing your old boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler will reduce your heating costs because unlike older boilers, condensing boilers recover more heat from flue gases. Because of this heating recovery process, high efficiency condensing boilers convert approximately 90% more of the gases they burn into heat to heat your home and water.

With older, non-condensing boilers, all this extra recovered heat would simply be lost into the atmosphere, giving you absolutely no benefit at all.

As well as reducing your heating bills, high efficiency condensing boilers are also kinder to the environment and they also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Regulations in Ireland now state that all new gas boiler replacements must be condensing boilers, unless there is an extremely good reason why a condensing boiler cannot be used as the replacement boiler.

If you are considering replacing your old gas boiler, please call us now to discuss how a high efficiency condensing boiler can help heat your home and water better while at the same time, reducing your heating bills.

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