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Happy Pump replacement customer in Inchicore, Dublin 8

On the 4th October 2014 we received a call from a customer called Mr. Gerry Daly. He rang us  regarding a water pump replacement in his apartment and asked if we could have a plumber call out to him as soon as possible. At the time of Mr. Daly’s call, we had a plumber in Dublin 8 so we were able to get a plumber to him well within the hour.

water pump replacementWhen our plumber arrived, he examined the shower pump and found that it was leaking. The leak damaged the pump beyond repair and so our plumber was able to confirmed without doubt that it needed to be replaced.

Mr. Daly wanted a quality pump that would be very reliable, perform well with low noise and also had a long parts and labour warranty. We recommended a Stuart Turner Monsoon Negative Head 2BAR pump. This is a top of the range shower pump that is super reliable, performs brilliantly with low noise and comes with a three years manufacture parts and labour warranty. This pump is perfect for apartments and is the shower pump with recommend most whenever a customer needs a pump replacement.

We replaced the pump and afterwards Mr. Daly submitted a customer review expressing his total satisfaction with the service and price we provided. You can read Gerry’s customer review and many, many more reviews on the reviews page on our web site here.

So remember, if you need a pump replacement for your apartment or house, do what Mr. Gerry Daly done and ring Dublin Plumbers COOP for a pump replacement service that promises to deliver an excellent service at a very good price.

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