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A Guide to Gas Boiler Maintenance

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It goes without saying that a gas boiler is an integral part of any household. Especially living in such a changeable climate, it is important that we always have an easy and reliable way of heating our home. Modern gas boilers are highly efficient and are one of the cheapest and cleanest ways of heating a home. However, regular gas boiler maintenance and repair is important in order to ensure that your central heating system continues to work safely and economically.


At Dublin Plumbers Co-op, we don’t recommend that you try out some DIY gas boiler repair, as this can be extremely dangerous. So much so, that in Ireland, all gas boiler technicians are required by law to be qualified and registered on the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII). All of our technicians are RGII registered, so you can rest assured that if you use our services, you are getting the best and most qualified person for the job.


Nonetheless, there are a number of safe checks and tasks that you can carry out in order to help ensure the longevity of your gas boiler.


1. Exterior Visual Inspection

It might sound simple, but a regular visual inspection of your gas boiler can sometimes bring to light issues that might require attention. Some things that you can look out for include water leaking from the boiler and fault messages. If you notice any of these signs, do not delay calling out a registered gas installer.


2. Listen

Again, this might sound like a no-brainer, but listening to your boiler is also important. If you hear anything unusual it could be a sign that something is wrong. Sounds such as banging, knocking or gurgling are examples of things to listen out for. If you hear something like this, don’t wait to see if it goes away. Call a registered gas installer to take a look and potentially save you from costly problems in the future.


3. Keep It Running

We all love knowing that come the summer months we are less likely to need our boilers. However, having it switched off for weeks or even months on end can sometimes mean that when you do go to turn it on, there can be problems. We recommend switching on your boiler every so often throughout the summer to keep it “ticking over” and to help avoid problems down the line. Think of your car, if you left it sitting in your driveway for months without starting the engine, there is a very good chance it will not start and you’ll have to call out a mechanic. It is the same situation for your gas boiler. To help you avoid boiler breakdown from long term non-use, we recommend turning it on for 30 minutes every other day during the summer months when you would otherwise not put the heating on. This will help keep your boiler and components in good shape. This is more so the case with older boilers, however it is good practice to do this with newer models also.


4. Use It Economically

Every home is different and every person’s ideal temperature is different. Therefore, what works for one person might not work for another. If you start to find that you are spending a lot of money to heat your home, it might be case that you are not using the most economical setting for your needs. Try adjusting the controls on your boiler, wall heating controls and radiators and consult your boiler manual. You might find that even the smallest adjustment can save you loads and make no difference to your household temperature.


With all of that said, these are just some basic checks and maintenance that you can easily do yourself. However, if you suspect that your gas boiler needs a service or perhaps a general check-up or indeed needs to be replaced, make sure that you contact the experts as it is illegal in Ireland for any person to work on any gas appliance unless they are a register gas installer (RGI).


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