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Dublin Gas Boiler Service Only €99.00.

● 30 point comprehensive gas boiler service.

● Fully insured RGI Gas Installers.

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● Daytime, evening and weekend service.

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● Free heating system check.

● Same day service.

● Conformance certificate supplied.

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If you own a gas boiler or any kind of gas appliance, it needs to be comprehensively serviced and thoroughly inspected properly once a year by an RGI Registered Gas Installer. This is what your boiler and gas appliance manufacture advises and recommends. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) also recommends that you have your gas appliance serviced at least once a year.

There are many very good and important reasons as to why you should have your gas boiler serviced regularly. Below we have listed the most important reasons for an annual service of your gas boiler. These also apply to any gas appliance so whether you operate a gas fire, gas cooker or gas boiler, these important reasons apply to you.

● If your gas boiler or appliance is still under warranty, it will be a condition of the manufacture’s warranty that it must be serviced annually by an RGI registered gas installer.

● If you fail to comply with this condition of your manufacture’s warranty, or you are unable to provide proof of an annual service, in the event your boiler developments a problem and breaks down, your manufacture will not carry out the repairs under warranty. You will then be left in the situation of having to pay the repair costs out of your own pocket. Boiler repair costs can be very expensive, especially if one of the major components inside your boiler fails or if you have an older boiler.

● Having your gas or oil boiler serviced regularly improves it’s operational efficiency, which results in lower heating costs. Over the course of a year, the savings on your heating bills will really add up and these savings will more than pay for the cost of the annual boiler service.

● Regular servicing, inspection and safety checks will also improve the safe operation of your boiler and reduce the risk of a carbon monoxide, gas or oil leak. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer because you cannot see it, smell it or taste it. Our technicians will test your boiler for carbon monoxide, gas and oil leaks and carry out a gas safety check on your gas supply.

● Regular servicing will also make your boiler more environmentally friendly.

If your oil or gas boiler has not been serviced within the last twelve months, or if you are unsure when it was last serviced, please call us on 01-823 2324 or 086 357 9495 to speak with a trained member of staff who will be able to assist and advise on the best options available to you. If you prefer, you can book a boiler service online here.

Please read our comprehensive gas boiler service special offer terms and conditions here.