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Baxi Boiler Replacement. High Quality a-Rated High Efficiency Gas Boilers.


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If you need to replace your gas boiler or you are considering upgrading your current old boiler to an A-rated, high efficiency model, there really is just one boiler manufacturer who’s name and reputation for reliability and quality stands out from the rest. Baxi Boilers.
Ask any plumber in Dublin, or indeed, any plumber in Ireland, and they will tell you that if you are considering a gas boiler replacement, Baxi boilers are the one to choose as they are the leading boiler manufacturers in Ireland and the UK.

Baxi boilers are renowned for their quality, reliability and their performance. They may cost a little bit extra to buy than cheap, unreliable gas boilers that give you trouble and breakdown regularly, but the small extra cost is more than worth paying.

Upgrading your old boiler to  an A-rated Baxi boiler will save you money in the long run because it will operate at an efficiency level in excess of 92%. What this means for you is lower heating costs without having to compromise on heating.

For a free Baxi boiler replacement site survey and to discuss ways to improve your home heating system, call us on 086 357 9495 to book a free, no obligation visit by one of our Baxi boiler experts today.