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We have complied a list of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask us when inquiring about our boiler service facility.

How Can I Book A Service For My Oil or Gas Boiler?
We provide three, quick and hassle free, no obligation ways for you to book an oil or gas boiler service.

● By Telephone: Call us on 01-823 2324 or on 086 357 9495.
● Online in less than 1 minute: Complete this form.
● By Text: Text “boiler service” + “your name” to, 086 357 9495.

When Do I have To Pay For My Service?
Payment is due after the RGI technician has completed the service on your oil or gas boiler.

How Do I Pay For My Oil or Gas Boiler Service?
You can pay by cash, online bank transfer, cheque, bank draft, postal order, credit or debit card.

Will I Be Issued With A Service Certificate?
Once cleared payment has been received, you will be issued with an official RGII Declaration of Conformance Certificate. If you pay by cheque, your certificate will be posted to you after your cheque has cleared.

Do I Need To Provide My Credit/Debit Card Details If I Book a Service Online?
Absolutely not. If you decide to pay by credit or debit card, you do so after the service is completed.

Can I Cancel My Service Without Charge?
Yes you can. Whether you booked your service online, by telephone, by text or by email, you can cancel without charge at any time provided the service technician has not arrived at your property. If the technician arrives at your property and you have not informed us you wish to cancel prior to his arrival, you will be charged a €45.00 fee.

Will Your RGI Registered Gas Installer Have Photo ID?
Yes every one of our RGI Registered Gas Installers carry their RGI photo ID badge and it will be displayed clearly for you to inspect. Their ID will have a photo of the technician, the RGI logo, their RGI ID number, their name, valid from and to dates and a telephone number for RGI. You can check their details by ringing RGII directly on 01-499 7998, on the RGII web site www.rgii.ie or by calling us on 01-823 2324 or on 086 357 9495.

Will The Boiler Service Technician Be Fully Insured & Qualified?
Yes. Every one of our oil and gas boiler service technicians are fully insured, qualified and registered RGI gas installers. We carry out a thorough check on all plumbers and service technicians insurance and qualifications to ensure their qualifications are genuine and their insurance is valid.

What Time & Days Can I Book An Oil Or Gas Boiler Service For?
You can book a service appointment from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 9am to 8pm. All appointments are subject to availability. If you require a specific time for your service appointment, we will try our very best to facility this but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific times due to circumstances outside our control. For example, a previous appointment might over-run due to an unforeseen problem with a boiler or traffic might be heavy. Our service technician will keep you updated on any change to his estimated time of arrival.

Is There An Extra Charge If I Book An Evening Or Weekend Service Appointment?
Our normal standard full price rate of €99.00 includes evening and weekend call outs at no extra charge. However, from time to time we do run special offer deals at a reduced rate. These special offer deals do not include evening or weekend call outs. If you wish to book an evening or weekend service, you will be charged at our standard rate.

My Boiler Is Not Working At The Moment, Can I still Have It Serviced?
Unfortunately no. A boiler needs to be working and operating properly in order for it to be serviced. If your boiler is not working, please contact us to book a boiler breakdown callout. Once we repair your boiler, we can then service your boiler and offer you a greatly reduced rate to service your boiler provided you get our technician to service your boiler at the time of repair.

If My Boiler Needs Replacement Parts, Are The Cost of Parts & Repair Included In The Service Fee?
No. If your boiler needs replacement parts or repair, the cost to supply and fit these parts will be in addition to the boiler service cost. We will supply you with a price to fit any parts your boiler may need. Parts are supplied to you at cost price.

Does A Boiler Service Provide A Guarantee or Warranty Against Future Boiler Breakdowns?
No, a boiler service does not provide you with a guarantee or warranty against boiler breakdown. A boiler service, subject to it passing, only confirms that at the time the service was carried out, your boiler was operating and functioning as it should be and to the regulated safety standards and requirements. During the service, our technician may well discover parts within your boiler that are showing signs of wear and tear and if he feels these parts might breakdown anytime soon, he will highlight this to you.

I Have An Oil Boiler, Is The Service Cost The Same As A Gas Boiler Service?
No, an oil boiler service is charged at a higher rate. Please contact us for current rate.

If you would like to book a service appointment now, please choose one of the following options.

Book online by completing our online booking form here.

Book over the telephone by calling us on 01-823 2324 or on 086 357 9495.

If you wish to book by text, please text the words “boiler service” + “your name” to 086 357 9495.

I Have Booked A Boiler Service, What Happens Now?
Once you have booked a service appointment, one of our RGI Registered Gas Installers will contact you to confirm your name, address and confirmation that you still wish to go ahead with the service appointment. If you do, you and the technician can fix a date and time to call out and service your boiler. The technician will work to your schedule as best he can so please feel free to let him know what time and day suits you best. If on the other hand, you inform the technician you do not wish to proceed with the service appointment, that’s perfectly fine and there will be no charge.

Unobstructed Access To Your Boiler
We would ask all our customers to please ensure there is clear, unobstructed access to their boiler so our technician can carry out the service properly and safely. There is a maximum of one hour included in the cost of the boiler service and if the technician has to spend time moving an obstruction, this may cause the time to go over the allocated one hour. In this event, you will be charged  €20.00 ex VAT per 15 minutes or part thereof.