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Boiler Service Online Booking Form For Oil & Gas Boilers

We make it so easy and hassle free for you to book your annual "comprehensive" gas boiler service using our online boiler service booking form. It takes only a few minutes and you do not need to provide any credit or debit card details. You simply complete this form and an RGI boiler service technician will contact you within 24 hours to see if you still wish to go ahead with your boiler service.

You are under no obligation to go ahead, even after you have completed and submitted this form. This is simply a provisional booking form and not a confirmation of your boiler service order.

• Boiler Service Booking Procedure

The following are the simple and straightforward steps to provisionally book a comprehensuive service for your boiler.

1: Complete this “no obligation” boiler service booking form.

2: One of our RGI boiler service technicians will contact you to confirm your boiler service appointment.

3: Advise our boiler service technician if you still wish to go ahead or inform him if you do not wish to go ahead. There will be no charge if you decide not to go ahead.

4: If you wish to go ahead, you arrange directly with the gas installer, a time and date for your boiler service callout. We can call out any day that best suits you, Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays, from 8AM to 9PM. Please note, our special offer rate of €65.00 + VAT is for appointments carried out Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 16:00. All appointments are subject to availability.

5: When our boiler service technician completes your service, you pay them on the day and they will issue you with a receipt and a Declaration of Conformance Certificate. It is as simple and straightforward as that.

  Your Contact Details
  Your Boiler Details
Is your boiler gas or oil?
Please choose Day you want the boiler service:
IMPORTANT: Before your boiler can be serviced, it must be working and operating correctly.
Is your boiler currently working and operating correctly?
You have indicated your boiler is not currently operating correctly. Unfortunately, it cannot be serviced until it is working and operating correctly. Please call our 24 hour, 7 days a week, boiler breakdown team on 086 357 9495 to arrange a boiler repair callout. If you prefer us to call you back, please text the words “boiler breakdown” and we will call you back free of charge.
Other than your gas boiler, do you have any other gas appliance?
Please enter how many additional gas appliances you wish to have serviced.   

Additional gas appliance price: €25.00
  Hassle Free. Tell Us Your Preferred Time & Date
We can service your boiler from 8am up to 9pm Monday to Sunday, excluding Bank Holidays. Our special offer reduced rates apply to boiler services carried out between 10:00am to 16:00pm Monday to Friday only.
Please tell us your preferred time and date for your boiler service. Dates and times are subject to availability but we generally can service your boiler within three days. If you need your boiler serviced straightaway, please call us on 086 357 9495.